Hello, and welcome to the first blog post from Outstanding Art.

Outstanding Art is a new business created by two friends of over 37 years. We are passionate about bas relief art. Through this site, we will be bringing you examples of our bas relief art. Our art is created from the world of sport, music, world interests, hobbies, business and also, the arts.

We have at present only shown a few of our artworks on the site. These will be added to as the weeks go by, so please look back at our site on a regular basis. Alternatively, please get in touch here, if you’d wish to discuss a subject for a bas relief sculpture that you’d like to own. Let’s talk about that and see where it takes us.

We have some works currently in pre bonded cast production, and these can be seen in our gallery section. These works are either in the wet clay form or else they have been kiln fired. They are awaiting finishing and detailing for clients as a “one off” artworks.

We welcome any suggestions from you as to how we can develop this site to best meet your interests. If you have any ideas about that, then please let us know.

Art Commissions

We welcome commissions from both corporate and private clients. We thought you may like to see a private commission that we recently completed for a client. This piece pays homage to the soldiers in the Great War, 1914 – 1918. This artwork was created in wet clay and was then kiln fired, glazed, and framed per the customer’s request.



The customer who commissioned this piece is a returning customer from a few years ago. He missed out at auction, a similar piece we produced a while ago and therefore asked us to create this bespoke art for him.